Stainless steel custom made sump baskets and waste arrestors

The principal use of a sump basket or waste arrestor is to collect suspended matter in water. They are used in domestic and commercial applications to protect pumps, traps, and other equipment from being clogged by debris. They are also used in storm water and sewage treatment systems to remove pollutants from water before they can enter rivers, lakes, or groundwater supplies. Sump baskets and waste arrestors come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the specific needs of each application. The most common type of sump basket is the simple cylindrical basket that is placed over a drain hole. These baskets have perforated walls that allow water to pass through while trapping debris on the inside. More complex sump baskets and waste arrestors are also available that use baffles or other means to trap debris more effectively.

The most common materials that sump baskets are made of include metal, plastic, or a combination of both. Metal sump baskets are most often made of stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to corrosion. Plastic sump baskets and waste arrestors are less expensive than metal models but are not as durable. Waste arrestors made of a combination of metal and plastic are sometimes used in applications where durability and cost are important considerations. The efficiency of a sump basket or waste arrestor depends on the size of the openings in the perforated walls and the amount of debris in the water. It must be large enough to catch all of the debris without clogging, but the openings in the walls cannot be so large that water flows through too quickly. Sump baskets that are not properly sized or well maintained can cause pumps and other equipment to fail, allowing pollutants to enter waterways.

Sump Baskets & Waste Arrestors

Some models have removable baskets that can be taken out for cleaning, while others must be cleaned in place. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning sump baskets and waste arrestors to avoid damaging the equipment or causing injury.

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